Synergistic effect

- treatments that interact to result in a more beneficial effect than the sum of individual effects.

About Us

Synergistic Plant Health is focused on improving plant health through consultation, fertilization, and treatment programs.

Dr. Greg Church serves as a Plant Pathologist, Horticulturist, Arborist, and Owner of Synergistic Plant Health, LLC. He earned a doctorate degree in Plant Pathology and is a Certified Professional Horticulturist, Certified Arborist, and a Texas Licensed Pesticide Applicator. Dr. Church's passion for plants helped him create Synergistic Plant Health to offer solutions to plant problems and improve clients' satisfaction with their lawn, landscape, and trees.  Dr. Church performs all the consultation, treatments and services himself, so that you receive the highest level of service and best results.

Biography of Owner

Dr. Church attended Plano schools and graduated from Plano East Senior High School. He attend Stephen F. Austin State University where he obtained a Bachelor of Science in Biology with an emphasis on Botany and Chemistry. He continued his education and graduated from Texas A&M University with a doctorate in Plant Pathology and Microbiology. His studies and research allowed him the opportunity to gain knowledge and skills to help solve problems with numerous types of plants. The majority of his career has focused on improving plant health without a dependency on pesticides and to preserve and protect our environment.

He has served as Research Scientist for the US Horticultural Research Laboratory in Florida and Texas A&M AgriLife Research in Vernon. Dr. Church served as the Horticulturist with Texas A&M AgriLife Extension in Collin County, where trained and led the Collin County Master Gardener Volunteer Program, Horticulture Education, and the Earth-Kind Research and Demonstration Gardens. In addition, he served as Plant Pathologist and Consulting Arborist for a tree care company that services the DFW Metroplex. Dr. Church currently lives in Allen, Texas with his wife and three children. They attend St. Jude Catholic Church, where his father, Father Tim Church, was the pastor for almost 20 years.

Synergistic Plant Health’s tag line is “ Leading Solutions for Lawns, Landscapes, and Trees”. The company is committed to providing the most honest, scientifically advanced approaches to improve the health of your plants and provide solutions to problems.

"Plants are an investment in our future, paying us back with every breath." - Dr. Greg Church

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Synergistic Plant Health is available to assist you with the proper care of landscapes, trees, shrubs, perennials, annuals,  lawn, and more.

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